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Infusing entrepreneurship into education has spurred much enthusiasm as myriad of effects has been stated to result with increased societal resilience, individual growth, increased school engagement and improved equality. Putting this idea into practice has however posed significant challenges when trying to infuse entrepreneurship into education.The Socio-Economic Development Policy has constituted theMizoram State Entrepreneurship Development Monitoring Committee (MEDMOC), this committee is undertaking Entrepreneurship Development Scheme(EDS) under the Planning &Programme Implementation Department, Government of Mizoram had initiated in developing Entrepreneurship Knowledge Cell (EKC) in our school to address these challenges.

Objectives of EKC

  1. To encourage students towards an entrepreneurial career option.
  2. To initiate entrepreneurship movement in Mizoram.

We are convinced that EKC would create an environment that fosters and encourages entrepreneurship tendency among the students that will ultimately contributes towards development of entrepreneurship ecosystem in the State and it would also help students` academic success linked to the productive uses.