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St.Paul’s Higher Secondary School Green Ribbon Club was set up in 2018, as an initiative of Volunteers for Community Mental Health (VOLCOMH), Mizoram.  It was formally inaugurated on 31st October, 2018 by Mrs. Lucy Joseph, Vice Principal. The Club is set up to serve as a space where like-minded students/peers can spearhead activities and discussions that promote mental health awareness and also combat stigma. The theme of GRC is ‘Nohealth without mental health’.


  • To promote mental health awareness.
  • To address stigma attached to mental illness.
  • To provide a bridge between Mental Health Resources or Services and the school
  • To observe World Mental Health Day at school.

The Club is closely associated with VOLCOMH, which provides the necessary materials,

brochures, resource and services whenever required. Through this support a number of

students were helped. They were referred to and provided counselling/therapy at the

VOLCOMH Centre. The Club also organised Mental Health Awareness Campaign for the

school community.