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Message from the principal

My dearly beloved Paulians,

I take this opportunity to greet you when we are all grappling with the scourge of the pandemic that has affected our lives in multiple ways. I greet each of you and wish every one of you all the best and God’s continued protection.

We are in the 67th year of since the foundation of St. Paul’s. Our history, through these years, has been replete with moments of untold struggles as well as seemingly inaccessible and well-deserved glory.

Today, with over 1600 students and a staff of 70 dedicated men and women, St. Paul’s plays a preeminent role in the education scenario of Mizoram. Besides their splendid scholastic performance, our students have excelled in every field, judged from their achievements in various competitive examinations and their success in building up illustrious career for themselves, thus playing significant roles in the society.

As I appreciate the unrivalled commitment and hard work of the staff, past and present, I also acknowledge the cooperation of the parents and the Alumni and the support of the Govt of Mizoram, in the school’s development, to script an illustrious saga of being at the forefront of educational development in the State.

The Pandemic have created havoc in every spear of life. We are passing through trying times. The disruption of normal schooling has set off devastating effects on the school community. However, not intimidated by the many challenges it brought about, I am glad to say that we made extra-ordinary efforts to learn and incorporate new techniques of online teaching to engage the students and keep them focused and motivated with regular classes and interaction between the school and individual students. All these demanded sustained and unsullied efforts from the teachers and the students and called for individual responsibility and personal integrity. I am happy at what we have been able to do, given our circumstances.

The redesigned and improved website I hope would help the Paulian family to share, care and grow together and take St. Paul’s to greater heights. It is my humble prayer that every Paulian seeks opportunities to ‘Serve the Lord and the Country’ as the motto of our school expects of us.

Hail to you, St. Paul’s!

Long live the Paulian Family

Yours in the cause of education!

Bro. P.K. James

Together Everyone Achieves More [TEAM]