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The Paulian Alumni Association (PAA) was formed in the year 2000 with the motto ‘Paulians Togetherness’ by a group of former students with the first governing body as follows:-

President           – Mr. John Neihlaia

Vice President  – Mr. Lallungmuana

Secretary          – Mr.C. Simon

Joint Secretary – Mr. Zonunmawia

Treasurer         – Mr. MC Lalrinthanga

The Principal of the school at the time, Rev. Bro. T.J Jose was appointed as the Patron of the Association.

The Association was formed in view of keeping the Paulian spirit alive through  different generations and to develop better relationship among all Paulians , young and old.

Membership to the PAA is open to anyone who has been a student in the school for at least a year or has rendered service as a teacher. Enrollment is done to the Secretary. The membership is categorized into two main groups, i.e., LIFE membership and PATRON membership. At present, there are around 400 life members and 70 patron members.

The present governing body of the association constitute the following :-

President             – Mr. VL Duhsaka

Vice President    – Mr. Franklin Lalringngheta

Secretary             – Mr. Fabian Saimawia Sailo

Joint Secretaries  – Mr. Lalrinchhana and Mr. Lallungmuana

Treasurer             – Dr. Zothanzami

Patron                  – Rev Bro. PK James

The PAA is an important backbone of the school, its stronghold and has played an important part in scaffolding the development of the school. Every year, the State rank-holders and those achieving  highest marks  in different subjects iin the HSLC and HSSLC Board examinations are awarded by the Alumni Association. The Alumni have contributed immensely towards the development and functioning of the school. Any school programme or activity is incomplete without its presence.

The Association is also involved in humanitarian services by reaching out to the needy sections of the society through charity concerts, raising funds for earthquake victims, organizing free clinics, voluntary blood donations   etc.