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Rules & Regulations


Students’ uniform consist of white full-sleeved shirt with bottle green pants for boys and skirt up to knee length for girls, black ‘Naughty Boy’ shoes with bottle green socks/stockings, neck tie, badge, and belt. They may also wear bottle green sweater and muffler.

Note 1:

» No tight fitting designs are accepted for school uniforms.

» Pants and skirts should not be worn at low waist.

» Extreme narrow bottom pants and extreme bell-bottom pants are not allowed.

» Pleats on the skirts should be between 1 and 1.5 inches.

» Shirt / T-shirt is always worn tucked-in.

» Uniform shall be of plain cloth without any designs or logo and decorative stitching.

» For the convenience of the students and for consistency all uniform materials will be made available in the school stationery.

» On Wednesdays and activity days, students will wear House Tshirt in lieu of white sleeved shirt.

Note 2:

Students coming to the school for whatever purpose must always be dressed in school uniform, unless they are exempted on any particular occasion. No student will be entertained in the school if they do not follow the required dress code.

Hair Style:

» No fancy hair style is permitted in the school both for boys and girls.

» Boys will have well groomed hair. They will have their hair cut short without any trendy styles while the girls will have minimum shoulder level long hair, neatly tied with black hair band.

» Short hair and ‘boys cut’ is strictly prohibited for girls. Shaved/ bald haircut, bald cut (brush-cut over the ears) and growing long/ spiky/fancy hair is prohibited for boys.

» Colouring and bleaching of hair is strictly prohibited both for boys and girls. Only black dye may be used if and when circumstances demand.

» Applying of hair gel of any kind (super hard, water gloss, wet look etc.) and excessive oiling of hair is not allowed.


School reserves the right to restrict/ban the use of certain practices, behaviour, substances and gadgets including vehicles for the common good of all the students. There are also certain restrictions on personal grooming and in the wearing of inappropriate and indecent dress to the school.

Make up:

» Using of make-up items Lipstick, eye liner, eye shadow, Mascara, Blusher, Nail Polish, Lip gloss with colour are strictly prohibited. Ornaments like – ring, necklace, ear-ring, toe-ring, wrist band are strictly prohibited.

» Wrist bands, chains, rings, bangles, ear rings, nose-studs, payals, bracelets, chain rouges and all types of other ornaments are not allowed to be worn to the school.

» Bringing and applying of cosmetics and make-ups of any kind is strictly prohibited. This include face powder, perfumes, lipsticks, eyebrow liner, kajal, nail-polish, coloured lip-gloss etc.

Tattoos body marking and skin decorations:

» Imprinting of tattoos on any parts of the body is strictly prohibited.

» Body piercing and making artificial moles on any part of the body is strictly prohibited

Tobacco, other intoxicants and chewing gum:

» Consumption, bringing and possession of all types of tobacco products such as Tiranga, Cigarettes, Zarda, Raja, Khaini, Baba, Supari, Betelnut and all type of intoxicants, drugs, alcoholic drinks etc. are strictly prohibited at school.

» Chewing gum is prohibited in the school


» Students bringing medicines of any sort to the school must be with written permission of the Class Teacher/Principal.

Indecent, obscene, offensive materials and objects:

» Bringing obscene objects of any kind to the school in the form of cassettes, discs, pen-drives, literature, pictures, stickers, posters, stamps, books, magazines etc., which can spoil a child’s moral psychology and character, is strictly prohibited at school.

Mobile & Electronic Gadgets:

» Bringing and using of mobile phones, or any other electronic gadgets such as pen-drive, i-pads, Walkman, discman, i-pods etc. is strictly prohibited at school except with written permission obtained from the Principal for special occasions and school functions.

Vehicles & Conveyance:

» Driving in school uniform is not encouraged under any circumstances. Driving or bringing two wheelers or cars to
school by a student is strictly prohibited. This is mainly for the safety of the students and to avoid all kinds of accidents.

» For the convenience of the pedestrians and others on Kulikawn – Tlangnuam road, and to avoid traffic congestion students dropped by vehicles are expected to do so before 7.30 a.m.