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Profile and Protocol of a Paulian

» Let God be your strength. Pray always for his blessings.

» Discover yourself. Develop healthy self-esteem.

» Develop a healthy lifestyle, paying attention to physical and mental well-being.

» Be truthful and honest with yourself.

» Avoid all unfair means in all the responsibilities assigned to you, including the home assignments and in tests and examinations.

» Be courteous and respectful to all to all, especially to the elders, teachers and parents. Greet all staff.

» Develop an attitude of respect for people and the diversity in a context of social, moral, multi-cultural and spiritual awareness.

» Cultivate good values, and be friendly with all, ensuring healthy relationship with the teachers and fellow students.

» Develop the ability to work as part of a team, developing a sensitivity to other people’s needs and points of view.

» Care for and respect nature; be aware of environmental issues and be responsible.

» Participate actively in all school activities.

» Speak always in English in the campus as it is the official language of the school.

» Be proud of your school and contribute to the good name of the school.

» Develop a creative and enquiring mind committed to life-long learning.

» Seek excellence in all that you do.