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At St. Paul’s, we seek to enable every student to develop a value driven personality. We seek to maximize our students’ potential by placing the highest priority to their spiritual, moral, intellectual, social, emotional and physical development, and by assisting them to cultivate the skills and attitudes necessary to live responsibly and participate effectively in the global community, and sharing a deep feeling of equality with one another and an attitude of solidarity and concern, especially for the weaker sections of the society.

It is ourpractice to collect from students whatever amount they can contribute towards Montfort Outreach Fund(MOF) on a weekly basis. This Fund is meant for reaching out the less privileged ones. Year after year, teachers create awareness and ignite the significance of MOF, a beautiful tradition of outreach programme conducted by the Paulians. Students are also involved in finding/ listing out the needy from their own localities.

On special occasions like Paulians’ Day and Christmas time, students also made contributions in the form of rice, dal, etc..and outgrown clothes which are distributed to those in need. There are also times when the staff members and students resolved to sacrifice the gift exchange for Christmas and to use the said amount for reaching out to the needy families.

We have financially helped cancer patients, AIDS patients and spastic children to name a few. We provided assistance to orphanages, also in times of calamities and to some families with extreme financial problems who are listed out by the students themselves and staff members. Few of our former students were also given financial aid for their higher studies. Besides these, there are few people who are provided financial assistance on regular basis. It has become part and parcel of the life at St. Paul’s keeping in mind the motto of the School, ‘To Serve the Lord and the Country.’